Download new version of KODi from OVI store

If you have Nokia phone, you can download a new version of KODi right now from OVI store. This version is specially enhanced for modern touch-screen phones and devices with high screen resolution. We are sorry, that we cannot provide KODi for free anymore, but the price is set as low as possible.

About KODi

KODi is an application for mobile phones supporting Java. It is a browser of large dictionary data, such as the great GNU/FDL English-Czech dictionary. Key features of KODi are:
  • High performance of the dictionary
  • Efficient data storage
  • You can browse the dictionary freely (i.e. not only find one single term)
  • User-friendly interface
  • If a term is not found, the dictionary finds the term most similar to this term
  • Search in both directions at once
  • Each translation could be easily traced in the dictionary - this function is very useful when finding synonyms or precise meaning of a word
  • KODi exists in many versions, which allows you to choose the most suitable parameters of the dictionary for your mobile phone
  • Until the final version is released, KODi is absolutely for free and could also be distributed freely
  • Supported languages: English-Czech, German-Czech, French-Czech, Spanish-Czech, English-German, English-French, English-Spanish, English-Slovak, English-Finnish, English-Croatian, English-Italian, English-Dutch, English-Norwegian, English-Polish, English-Turkish, German-French, German-Spanish, German-Slovak, German-Italian, German-Dutch, German-Norwegian, German-Polish, German-Portuguese, German-Turkish, English-Esperanto, English-Hiligaynon, English-Swahili, English-Tagalog, English-Japanese, English-Russian, German-Russian
March 18, 2008: Version 0.61 Released

Main changes from the previous version:
  • Extended support for touchscreen devices - textfield displayed after touching it on the screen
November 15, 2007: Version 0.6 Released

Main changes from the previous version:
  • Support for other languages.
  • Several minor bug fixes.
September 21, 2007: Version 0.5 Released

Main changes from the previous version:
  • Selectable font size.*
  • Support for stylus input.*
  • Fixed scroll wheel behaviour on SE M600i and SE W950i.*
  • Extended support of controls for Nokia S80 platform devices.*
  • Fixed controls on QWERTY devices.
  • Several minor bug fixed.
* only for MIDP-2.0 versions