There are several ways of installing KODi to your mobile phone. This can differ on the type of phone you are using:
  • The easiest and the most universal solution is to download KODi from WAP pages at Type this adress in the WAP browser of your phone, from the list of all versions select the most suitable for your phone (the form at the top of this page could help) and download the JAR file (and also the JAD file, if your phone requires this file). When the download finishes, the phone will ask you to install a new application. The obvious disadvantage of this method is that you pay for the transferred data.
  • You could also download JAR and JAD files from this page and install them using data cable, infrared port or bluetooth. A special software might be required to install the application (e.g. Nokia phones require Nokia PC Suite or Gammu). Consult the manual of your phone.