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KODi ENG-FRA dictionary, version 0.61i MIDP-1.0 300kB
MIDP Version:
Dictionary type:
Smaller size
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  • Press buttons 0-9 to type characters
  • Press the left or * button to delete characters
  • Press the center button to change the direction in which the search is performed
  • Press up or down buttons to move in the dictionary
  • Behaviour of the right button (and the button #) depends on the settings. If the active search is enabled, press of this button invokes search of the highlighted word in the opposite direction. If this feature is disabled the typed word is proceeded. The first pressing of the right or # button results in the same behaviour if the on demand search is selected
  • The default type of search is the instant search, when the term is searched immediately as it is typed. If you have a device with low Java performance and the work with the dictionary is not fluent, try using the delayed search. Between the end of typing and the start of the search will be a small delay, which will cause that the search of the most of intermediate terms will not be started. If this does not help, use the on demand search instead
  • If the search in the selected direction is unsuccesfull and the cross search option in the settings menu is enabled, the dictionary also tries to find the word in the opposite direction. Disabling this feature may increase performance